Second, welcome to the best fitness secret in Rockland County.  My program is designed for the beginner (first time working out) or the every day gym fanatic wanting more.  I combine weight training, pilates, yoga, P90x, crossfit, Insanity and my own twist on fitness to get the most out of you.  Training is a lifestyle change,  not a button you push.  I am a trainer. I do not sell pills or shakes, and I take you coming and trusting me to get you to your goal seriously!

        Boot Camp classes

       Tuesdays - Thursdays

AM 545 9         PM 430 530 630

This class has timed rounds.

2016 Schedule


Jan 11th-------  March 11th    9wks   $405

March 14th---May 13th        9wks   $405

May 16th------July 1st             7wks   $315

July 4th--------Sept 2nd           9wks  $405

Sept 12th-------Nov 11th         9wks  $405

Nov 14th-------Jan13th             9wks  $405


Jan 12th-----------March 10th   9wks  $270

March 15th-------May 12th      9wks  $270

May 17th----------June 31st      7wks  $210

July 5th-------------Sept 1st        9wks  $270

Sept 13th------------Nov 10th    9wks  $270

Nov 15th-------------Jan 12th      9wks  $270

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         Weight Training classes      Monday-Wednesday-Friday

AM 5  6  9  10     PM  4  *5  6  7  8

*train with your Trainer.

This class works on doing a number of sets before moving to next exercise.


             Thank you for visiting BBH website.  First off I would like to thank all my clients for choosing me as their fitness professional.  I have been a personal trainer now for 15yrs and without my hardworking clients following my workouts and nutritional advice I would not be where I am today.  



  Join any time​!

​    Call, text or better yet stop in!

Diet Program and Personal Training

The diet program is 16 weeks long and is $300 made with a scheduled appointment and is to be paid in full at first meeting.

Personal training is $100hr and has limited availability. 

Call or text for more info!

  • Its $15 a class, prices for 4x wk and 5x wk are available.
  • switching time frames is an option if available.
  • Referring a friend will get you 10% off, as long both pay in full.
  • Makeups are available before session ends.
  • Must be notified prior to missed classes due to illness or injury.
  • You are paying for a spot in a class.
  • You are signing up to follow a program that gets results.

        Your safety and personal space are what matters most when training in a gym setting, and I protect that while guiding you through your workout. When you sign up you will be asked to read house rules and to follow them while in BBH.